Walker Wayland is proud to announce new appointments.

Walker Wayland – Sydney is proud to announce a significant change to the structure of its business.

From February 2016, the business will introduce a role of Principal which will be incorporated within the management and leadership structure of the Walker Wayland – Sydney group.  The Principals will provide ongoing support to the Partner Group within the organisational structure to manage designated business units and lead specific business opportunities.

We are pleased to announce the first appointments to the role of Principals: Wali Aziz, Ian Hillsdon and Cameron Stone.

These individuals have provided significant support to Walker Wayland – Sydney over a number of years. Their appointment is in recognition of the services they have provided in the development of the business to-date and to the vision and skills which they offer for the future of the organisation.

The Principals will undertake a key role in achieving management objectives, and in pursuing new opportunities identified and supported by the Partners and Principals collectively. The role provides opportunities for senior individuals in the Group to have a structured engagement within the context of our business structure beyond the role of Manager and will provide greater capacity, skills and resources within the leadership team and to the business as a whole.

The decision of the Partners of Walker Wayland – Sydney to make this significant change is recognition of the collective vision held for the future of the business and the recognition of the talent which is available to the Partner Group. It also recognises the desire of the specific individuals to play a greater role in the future of the business of Walker Wayland - Sydney as part of their own individual futures. This change in structure provides opportunities to talented present and future team members in anticipation of what the future holds for the organisation.

This initiative further aligns our business and cultural values and continues our commitment to delivering exceptional client service standards at local, national and international levels. We acknowledge that this will be achieved by the engagement of our team and continuing to improve the scope of services we offer.

We welcome the opportunity for our clients and business network to engage with initiatives lead by our Principals.